Adding Value to Plastic Packaging: Global Consumers Speak Out

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You don't have to work for a major packaging company to know that consumers care about quality. A recent study conducted by Ipsos InnoQuest, however, goes into more detail about what exactly people are looking for in their plastic packaging—and here at PI, their answers come as no surprise. This global study reveals that the majority of consumers would actually pay more for a product if it came in "packaging that keeps food fresh long" or "is environmentally friendly." In our experience, those things can actually go hand-in-hand, creating a superior product that's also more eco-friendly.


Facing Down Challenges in Foodservice Packaging

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According to the annual Foodservice Packaging Institute "State of the Industry Survey," food packaging companies could see some growth—most foodservice packaging manufacturers in North America predict higher sales volumes and higher profits over the course of the rest of the year [ref][/ref] That doesn't mean things are perfect, though, as manufacturers in both North America and Europe face hurdles to realizing this growth, as described in this survey. When confronted with data like this, you have to ask yourself: How can we improve our packaging solutions?


Certified Product Packaging to Meet Food Industry Standards

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Five star restaurants and corner delis may be worlds apart when it comes to their menus, but they have one thing in common: the need for safe and sanitary food product packaging. Much like the medical and pharmaceutical industries, the food industry has strict guidelines with which packaging companies must comply in order to package food items for consumption. Additionally, some packaging companies voluntarily adhere to stricter, third-party administered quality control standards in order to further assure clients that their quality specifications can be met on an ongoing basis.


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