How Medical Device Packaging Protects Life-Saving Devices

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Although the pharmaceutical and medical device packaging industry is varied and complex, it’s dominated by three main types of packaging:


Creating Plastic Packaging with Co-extrusion

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PET Packaging for Beverages

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How Polyethylene Packaging Can Benefit You

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Things to Consider for Prototyping Plastic Packaging

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Prototyping is a necessary component of nearly every packaging run. As plastic packaging specialists, we understand how critical prototyping is and how it needs to be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner to ensure products can be packaged and placed in retail settings as quickly as possible. Here, we’ve outlined three main considerations that are crucial to plastic packaging prototyping that you should keep in mind when searching for your packaging manufacturer.


PET vs. PVC: Which Material is Better for Packaging?

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Many types of plastic materials are available to produce packaging. When you need to create a design to package your products, you may soon discover that two plastic materials are commonly used: PET and PVC.  At Plastic Ingenuity, we have clients ask us which plastic materials prove to be most advantageous for their thermoformed packaging designs. Here, we’ve outlined explanations for these two plastics, as well as which proves to be the most beneficial to help you determine which to use.


Plastic Trays for the Medical Industry

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Medical parts need protective barriers against outside elements. At Plastic Ingenuity, we produce custom tray packaging solutions for medical parts of all kinds. To create the best packaging designs for the medical industry, we follow a foundation of clean room practices to produce of customized designs, no matter for what the devices are being utilized.


Study Notes Benefits of Plastic Packaging

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A new study sponsored by The American Chemistry Council (ACC) and the Canadian Plastics Industry Association has revealed that plastic packaging has significant benefits over other packaging alternatives. The study, titled “Impact of Plastics Packaging on Life Cycle Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the United States and Canada,” revealed that plastic packaging could actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions and total energy use compared to other packaging options created with substitute materials.


The Function of Plastic Packaging

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Rigid Plastic Beverage Industry Growing

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