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Pharmaceutical and other medical products have to be as safe and contaminant-free as possible to be considered ideal, and for good reason—if medical products are not sterile, they can cause serious problems when used. Likewise, if contaminants get into medicine or other pharmaceutical packaging, it can pose great danger to consumers. This is why plastic packaging is often chosen for medical and pharmaceutical products—it keeps them safest from being contaminated. There are a variety of types of packaging to choose from when considering different options for your product, and depending on what your product is, one of these options may be better than another.

Reliable and sterilized packaging products

Over-the-Counter Retail Options

For products sold over the counter, such as vitamins, supplements, painkillers, or cold medicines, blister and clamshell packaging can be great choices. These two options of plastic packaging allow consumers to see the product they are purchasing, but because these are both very secure types of packages, customers can trust that the product they are buying is totally safe. Make sure that when you are working with a company that is creating the pharmaceutical packaging that they are processing your product in a dust-free, hygienic location—this helps ensure optimal cleanliness and contaminant-free products.

Medical Devices

SafeEdge trays may be used to contain certain medical devices, such as syringes and other sharp tools. This type of packaging is a technologically advanced way to package sterile medical equipment, devices and instruments without worrying that the product will puncture or slice through the packaging. Additionally, the edges of the actual tray are smooth, so they cannot breach the sterile environment simply by rubbing the outer plastic pouch material—many other types of rigid thermoformed trays do pose this threat, so SafeEdge is the ideal choice to main total sterility with medical devices.

Custom Plastic Trays

For packaging other types of medical and pharmaceutical products, custom plastic trays are a great choice, since they are custom-sized and shaped to the product you’re packaging. They can also be used for shipping to protect the product, and do not require heat sealing equipment for secure seals. They are ideal for organizational needs as well, as they can be used to hold product or display blister-carded products, such as different types of medications.

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