Vacuum-Formed Packaging for Product Protection

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A product's packaging is the first impression it makes on the consumer. It's what helps protects your product through transportation, shelving and the other rough business of getting your product into the store. When deciding the right packaging for your product, there are many options. One of the safest, most marketable methods is vacuum-formed packaging.

Vacuum Formed Packaging from Plastic Ingenuity

What are the benefits of vacuum-formed packaging?

  • Flexibility. Vacuum-formed packaging can be customized for any product shape. No matter what your product's size or shape, custom vacuum-formed plastic packaging can be created for it. No more cookie-cutter packaging solutions—vacuum-formed packaging can be specifically designed for your product's needs, whatever they are. Many companies choose vacuum-formed packaging specifically for its extreme versatility.
  • Meets regulations. Packaging for food and drug products must meet many safety regulations to be allowed on the market. High-quality vacuum-formed packaging can be used for any product, as it can be designed to meet multiple regulatory requirements for varying industries.
  • More product, less packaging. Proper packaging is a precise process. A single poor design choice can cost thousands of dollars in unnecessary material. Vacuum-formed packaging is insurance against these costly mistakes. Because the packaging is specifically formed around your product, there is very little opportunity for waste. This makes vacuum-formed packaging a cost-effective choice for delivering your product without unnecessary extra plastic.
  • Durability. In today's world, many companies ship their products over vast distances. If you choose a delicate material to package your product, you're run the risk of ending up with losses. Your product could be damaged during transportation and shelving. What's more, the units that do end up on the shelf may look worse for the wear—and this doesn't impress customers. Vacuum-formed plastic packaging is extremely durable. It maintains its shape through extreme conditions, protecting your product from the elements and handling during transport. Vacuumed-formed packaging shelters your product through it all, bringing in more profits.
  • Brand recognition. Packaging is a big part of advertising. If you spend on commercials, print and online advertisements, and other kinds of advertising, you're making wise choices to promote your product. However, if your product's packaging is irregular or not recognizable, how will the customer identify it on the shelf? Vacuum-formed packaging creates a unique shape for your product, making it recognizable among the competition.


To learn more on how vacuum-formed packaging is a good choice for your product's packaging contact Plastic Ingenuity.

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