Sometimes, a company’s product packaging is an integral part of the product’s branding. To manufacture custom packaging for a cell phone manufacturer, Plastic Ingenuity designed around its unique needs.

Packaging Features:

Firefly manufactures a simple, five-key cell phone designed for children. This phone gives young children the feeling of freedom that comes with their own phone, while giving their parents security and keeping bill costs down. These phones are small and low-cost, and Firefly needed product packaging that would appeal to both children and adults.

Plastic Ingenuity embraced the unique properties and branding of the Firefly to create wholly unique, custom packaging for the phone. First, PI opted for PVC thermoforming, which would give the small electronic device the level of security it needed to prevent theft. A packaging company like PI must be diligent when working with electronics like mobile phones, because static and contaminants can compromise the product, while improper thermoforming can weaken the package and increase the risk of theft.

To build brand recognition, PI integrated a plastic jar design with the product packaging. Playing off the Firefly name, the phone is sealed inside a small plastic jar inside the package. This simple, clever design embraces the product’s whimsical, family-friendly branding, making the phone appealing to both children and purchasing adults.

PI designed the custom packaging with print materials in mind, as well. The phone is packaged with a paper insert displaying information about the product. PI designed the package to accommodate an insert of this kind without increasing the amount of material used or the size of the package. As was the case with the Firefly phone, a packaging company must design with in-store displays in mind—this package takes up a minimal amount of space while still showcasing the product.

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Consumer electronics




Multiple parts




Top Insert: 3.18" x 3.18" x 1.7"
Bottom Insert: 3.34" x 3.34" x 1.16"
Front: 11.02" x 5.77" x 3.72"
Back: 11" x 5.75" x 2.23"