Custom packaging must be able to preserve the products inside while still being attractive to consumers. When Fresh-Aire UV need a new design for its Triatomic Blue Tube’s packaging, our team created a custom thermoformed plastic packaging solution that provided both protection and shelf appeal.

Packaging Features:

When Fresh-Aire UV, a manufacturer of UV light air purifiers, was looking to for a quality packaging design for its Triatomic Blue Tube, it needed a packaging design that would offer superior protection and stand out in a highly crowded and competitive marketplace.

Fresh-Aire UV needed a packaging design with enhanced crush absorption. Because the Triatomic Blue Tube is fragile, it required a design that maintained the necessary shock absorption for maximum protection. Fresh-Aire UV was also seeking packaging that showed the product inside for maximum visibility and aesthetic shelf value.

When developing this packaging design, our team constructed the thermoformed design from two trays and two identical snap caps composed of industrial regrind PET, as well as a sleeve made of vinyl. This design provided the necessary crush resistance. Additionally, our team's strong thermoformed plastic packaging created a tamper-resistant, theft-deterring design.

The packaging design enabled an overall cost reduction. Our team’s design cut transportation costs for inbound freights by approximately 70 percent. The new Blue Tube packaging also requires decreased assembly time and material usage. Assembly lines can create our new design in half the time with one-third of the pallet material in comparison to the initial packaging.

To meet Fresh-Aire’s need for shelf appeal, the new packaging solution offers the option of hanging or stand-up display in retail settings. The product is visible to consumers, and all information about the product is displayed on the package for added transparency for users. Overall, the new design provides increased protection and creates increased interaction and engagement in retail settings.

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Industrial grade PET regrind


28”L x 4.5”W 3.25”D