Our team, in conjunction with Team Technologies Molding, created a packaging solution this package for Help Remedies that and contains over-the-counter medications.

Help Remedies, a pharmaceutical company, needed an innovative packaging design that met pharmaceutical packaging requirements and offered an attractive option packaging for retail.

Packaging Features:

While our team specializes in custom packaging solutions, we also manufacture our own line of stock containers for restaurants and other food service applications. That way, clients that need large volumes of packages like takeout containers enjoy a low-cost alternative to fully-customized, proprietary designs from another packaging company.

Our line of stock plastic packaging for food service is made from polypropylene, which is ideal for this type of package. The plastic is durable and clear, allowing the consumer a perfect view of the product inside. It also withstands heat, making it convenient for reheating food, and is highly recyclable.

To keep the contents of the plastic packaging secure, PI designed the container with two-fold security. First, the container is manufactured with a clamshell design that seals shut for easy opening and closing without the risk of losing a lid. Second, the container is designed with a special latch that slides over the lid when closed, keeping it snapped in place. The latch doubles as a handle, giving the consumer a convenient and safe way to carry the package.

Especially in the food and restaurant industries, low-cost packaging solutions may be a bigger priority than custom packaging. By manufacturing a line of versatile stock packaging specifically for these industries, PI makes it easier for them to provide their consumers with high quality solutions while managing their own costs.

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