While the rigidity of a plastic tray offers security and sterility for medical devices, its sharp-edged rims frequently create pinholes and tray flange creep. When this happens, the security of the custom packaging design is compromised, rendering the devices inside unusable. These sharp, jagged edges can also cut and tear rubber gloves, creating even more sterility issues in high stakes medical environments. Plastic Ingenuity created a new type of plastic tray that eliminates this risk, making medical packaging safer, more secure and more cost-effective.

Packaging Features:

Custom-shaped plastic trays are a necessity for many medical device manufacturers, as they provide the rigidity and the security that their parts require. While a peel-back pouch is significantly more cost-effective than a die-cut lid, traditional trays are formed with sharp edges that may compromise the integrity of the pouch. The holes and tears created in the pouch by the tray compromises the tray’s sterility and renders the products inside unusable.

Plastic Ingenuity addressed this issue with its SafeEdge technology, a patented plastic-trimming method that eliminates the sharp edge that makes other trays a potential liability. SafeEdge creates a smooth, clean edge along the custom packaging design, effectively preventing the risk of tears and punctures associated with sharp-edged trays. Without the risk of tearing either the packaging pouch or rubber gloves during handling, medical packaging is safer and easier for medical professionals to transport, store and use.

SafeEdge medical packaging isn’t just compatible with pouches, either—it has the versatility to fit die-cut lids, as well. Along with the other potential cost savings that this packaging offers, SafeEdge products give medical device manufacturers and other healthcare professionals unprecedented peace of mind.

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