Do You Use Long Catheter Trays?

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Plastic Ingenuity redesigned the packaging for the implantable device in a percutaneous catheter delivery system. This thermoformed long catheter tray is larger than the standard catheter tray, with an advanced design that features roll-fed production, an additional perforated hinge, a snap feature, as well as eliminating the need for multiple die cuts.

Much of what makes these custom plastic trays so advanced is their size. At 47.36" x 7.72" x 2.16", a tray of this size typically needs to be sheet fed into the thermoforming machine and then trimmed in a CNC router or clicker press. This long catheter tray is instead roll-fed into the thermoforming machine, expediting the process by up to five times and at two-thirds the price.

Long catheter tray for medical industryAdvanced Design and Security

In addition to the enhanced size and difference in production, the long catheter tray features numerous design advances. The most obvious is the additional perforated snap hinge to secure the catheter into place in the center. Previous packaging featured only one hinge on each end, with three sets of die cuts and wires securing the product in the middle.

Replacing the die cuts with a third perforated snap hinge not only makes the product more secure, but also provides costs savings due to the roll-fed process. Previous packaging required 12 die cuts, compared to four with the new long catheter packaging. The reduction in die cuts saves money on part price as well as tooling price.

Eliminating die cuts from the packaging also allows the product to rest easily while the snap hinges lock it into place. The snap feature ensures that the package remains securely closed and eliminates the cumbersome wire threading process and extra time that the die cuts required.

Easier Application with Snap Features

In addition to securely closing the package, the snap features also makes it easier to guide the product into the plastic sleeve. Previous packaging relied on friction to fit the sleeve, and it often opened up while sliding inside. The long catheter tray’s snap feature prevents this by utilizing a variable slotted cavity instead of just one size cavity.

The long catheter tray is just one example of PI’s innovative plastic medical packaging solutions. PI has the ability to produce roll-fed trays of up to 72”, and always meets medical grade quality standards by working in an ISO-certified Class VIII clean room to minimize contamination.

In addition to high-quality medical devices, PI has experience across a number of other industries including consumer, retail, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic.

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